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Monday, 1 April 2013

Round 3- Rough N Ready MMA studio, Northampton

Gym host Rough N Ready mma studio in Northampton opened its doors for the penultimate round in seasons 5 of the Leagues quest to find its champions. Old favourites and new comers pitted themselves at the very impressive venue in Northampton in the 18ft cage which saw some spectacular 45 bouts resulting in 25 submissions, and 20 draws.

Kicking off the action was Isle of Man youth fighter Liam Quinn, Blackdog mma in the featherweight division, Liam squared up with Ian Mcreery from Lumpini Gym, Southampton who got caught in a leg lock in 1.06 sec. Quinn’s second bout of the day was against Harrow martial arts fighter, Dorel Daniel Matache, who also got caught in a leg lock from Quinn in 0.44 sec. Now the Blackdog fighter sit’s at the top of the Featherweight division on 15 points which will surly hands the FW title to Isle of Man fighter. Blackdog coach Andrew Laurence was delighted with Quinn’s progress, Blackdog mma have recently moved to better training premises which has defiantly being an improvement for his stable of fighters.

Blackdog also shares the top spot in the Batamweight class with first timer Nail Jones taking on Veejay Tosar, 1st Legion fighters who caught Tosar in an Arm bar in 1.14 sec, Jones then managed a  draw with Luke Shanks, from Shudan mma, London. Sharing the Batamweight top spot with Jones is another newcomer Javid Benalah, Neil Mcleod gym who also drew with Luke Shanks, but beat Dorel Daniel Matache, Harrow martial arts in his second bout of the day.

Lightweight division fighter Phil Patrick, Neil Mcleod gym took on Leon Thompson from Lumpini gym who couldn’t escape the grip of Patrick’s Arm bar in 0.49 sec. The next fighter to test the skills of Patrick was Jason Beaumont from Clinch & Control; Beaumont managed to stay in the game for 2.58 sec getting caught in a RNC. Patrick now sits with a comfortable 14 points with Exeter fighter Zac Reed hot on his heels with 10 points. Reeds needs to win both his fighters in the London finals and hoping Patrick slips up and doesn’t get that one win which will secure the lightweight title for him.

Andrew Lane, Exeter mma managed a win and a draw to keep the pressure on top spot holder John Gilbert, Mcleod gym. Lane, on 13 points has lost only once in this season in possibly the hardest weight division to Gilbert in Rd 2. Lane pulled off his win to Brett Baker, Clinch & Control by a Komura in 4.25.  Gilbert is a composed fighter who sits on top of the welterweight division with 16 points gaining them by 5 wins and only 1 draw. Gilbert & Lane will meet again in the finale in London where both men will be relentless on trying to secure the top spot.

The middleweight division is still open with two fighters on 12 points, Peter Kingsland, Poole Cage Academy didn’t managed to attend Rd 3 hasn’t slipped up yet and could pull it off in London, But Charles Mason, Exeter mma has already fought 8 times so far this season and needs Kingsland to lose his next two bouts in London in having any hope of picking up that title belt.

When a fighter is focused and intent on winning then this has to be Jacob, Kamper Exeter mma. The Viking sits on top spot with 13 points having only 1 bout in Northampton with new comer Dan Cooper from Clinch & Control which ended in a draw. Kamper is focused after finishing second in Season 4 LHW division. Second in the Light Heavyweight table is youth fighter Chris Stewart from A1 martial arts. It’s going to be tall order for Stewart, if he wins his first bout in London, Then wins against Kamper, Stewart then potentially could have a third fight in London, and if successful pick up the LHW crown. A lot of weight is on the young man’s shoulders against the formidable Viking from Exeter.

Tommy Newell SJ MMA is sitting pretty on the Heavyweight division, with 10 points. Only Nick Jones Lumpini gym, Southampton could force Newell to second place if he beats Newell at the finals, and has a third fight to overtake Newell and pick up the leagues HW crown.

Fighters of the day went to heavyweight Exeter fighter Roman Madry who weighed in 99.55 kg and Ross Cutting Lumpini gym 97.65 kg. The big boys entertained the crowd with big slams, big punches and big hearts. Even on the floor both guys tried for submissions and pulled of escapes, the watching crowd screamed for more as both men battled it out to a much deserved draw.

The finals will be hosted by Fighters Inc promoters at the Sports Dock university campus in London. Entry are now being taken for round 4 as wells as the mma national open knock out tournament which will be held on Sunday 9th June. The mma open is for anyone to enter who wishes to test their skills in mma.

Monday, 10 September 2012

MMA in the Olympics

The Story of How the Olympics Passed Jiu-Jitsu

  • From July to August of 2012, one question permeated the mixed martial arts community nearly above all others: should and if so, when will MMA become an Olympic sport? The logic goes something like this. Several sports that are already in the Olympics - wrestling, judo, boxing, taekwondo - make up a huge portion of MMA. Besides, UFC President Dana White has openly advocated the idea of reforming MMA's deeply broken and exploitative amateur system by turning it into an organised process into the professional ranks.
    The truth, however, is that MMA isn't ready to be in the Olympics. It doesn't meet very much of the criteria to be a recognized as an Olympic sport by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The group the UFC has aligned itself with - the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) - isn't recognised as a legitimate International Federation by the IOC or SportsAccord. There's also no real blueprint for what form or adaptation the sport would take to make it palatable to the IOC. The International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA) has a growing amateur MMA division, but their distance from the MMA community is, to put it mildly, rather significant.
    Even if MMA becomes part of the Olympics it certainly won't be anytime soon.
    That lead some members of the MMA community to ask a different question. If MMA is off the table for the foreseeable future, what about jiu-jitsu? After all, from the outside the sport appears to be far more ready. It has a significantly higher participatory rate globally than MMA and can boast strong rosters from white belt to elite black belt of both genders. The sport also has (seemingly, anyway) multiple governing bodies, the architecture of regulation, organisational hierarchy and various other features the IOC requires for Olympic inclusion

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Women in mma

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Between the ring girls, apparel models, television hosts, and the lady-fighters themselves, MMA is a damn fine sport to follow if you appreciate beautiful women. (And my God, do we ever.) So we figured, why not throw together our favorite females from all corners of the fight game and see how they stack up against each other? Enjoy the pics, and let us know how you’d rank ‘em in the comments section. And if you like this list, Digg it!


Hot Contender: Spending her high school years on the boys’ wrestling team gave Miesha Tate the grit she needed to fight in cages for a living. These days, “Takedown Tate” is one of the top-ten 135-pound female fighters in the world, and the combination of her nasty ground-and-pound and natural sex appeal has made her a rising star. You can see Miesha in action next month at Strikeforce Challengers 7 as she takes on Zoila Frausto.


Hot East Coast Girl: A native of Staten Island, Laura is a local legend among MMA fans in New York and New Jersey thanks to her ring-girl appearances for fight clubs like Ring of Combat and Asylum Fight League. As a professional hot chick, she has tremendous upside; let’s hope this exciting prospect gets her shot at the majors sooner rather than later.


Hot Interviewer: She’s not just an amazing set of…eyes. KNOXX Gear’s foxy video-interviewer is a former pre-school teacher (and graduate of Cal State East Bay) with a genuine love of the sport. And yes, they’re 100% real — which is something you can’t say about Ariel Helwani.


Hot Grappler: Kyra is living proof that the Gracie clan occasionally produces daughters. Her outstanding accomplishments in competitive grappling — two titles at the ADCCs, three at the Mundials, five at the Pan American BJJ Games, five at the Brazilian BJJ championships, etc., etc. — compare with those of any of her male relations. Plus, she’s clearly the best-looking Gracie since Helio. Krya is currently training for her MMA debut.


Hot UFC Legend: Rachelle’s round-card-holding days may be over, but the former Octagon Girl has stayed in our hearts thanks to her hosting gig on Spike’s UFC All Access. In 2008, Leah became the first woman from the world of MMA to score the cover of Playboy. Hopefully she won’t be the last.


Hot Fight-Picker: Joanne was our first MMA crush. As the brains (and beauty) behind, Joanne has entertained us since 2006 with her jiu-jitsu tutorials and always-insightful fight prediction videos. The adorable South African’s work now includes fighter interviews, fighter sponsorships, and a budding acting career.


Hot Host: Look, we would have watched Spike TV’s new Best of PRIDE compilation series even if it was hosted by Clint Howard — but we’re thankful that Kenda Perez got the gig instead. The Mexican-American model and “Maxim Hometown Hottie” finalist adds some much-needed softness to the head-stomping brutality of those classic fights. Any girl who loves flying knees is aces in our book.


Hot WEC Eye-Candy: As the ring-girl queen bee for World Extreme Cagefighting, Brittney has been cageside for some of the most thrilling MMA events of the past couple years. The Las Vegas native produces her own thrills nightly as a dancer in the X Burlesque show at the Flamingo Hotel, and also works as a cocktail waitress at Pure Nightclub. You gotta love a chick who knows how to hustle…


Hot Pill-and-Powder Pusher: Don’t ask us how Xyience has managed to stay afloat after their past financial troubles. (This guy knows what I’m talking about.) Nevertheless, the supplement company is still a major sponsor of the UFC, and former Octagon Girl Amber Nichole Miller now collects a paycheck as one of their main spokesmodels. Amber allegedly parted ways with the UFC after a catty falling-out with Rachelle Leah, and we’ve missed her seductive bad-girl appeal ever since.


Hot Fight Gear Model: From certain angles, Jenny P looks less like a real, human woman, and more like an experiment perpetrated by two lonely teenage boys on their computer. You couldn’t draw this girl better. Though Jenny’s modeling resume includes countless magazines and websites, she first came to our attention as a clothing model for MMA brands like Hitman Fight Gear and Take A Nap Fight Gear. By the way, if you’re interested in tons and tons of barely-SFW pics of Ms. P, the Internet has you covered.

Hot Octagon Goddess: The fact that Arianny has survived all of the UFC’s Octagon Girl talent purges says a lot about how beloved she is among fans; once you reach a certain level of hotness, you’re basically untouchable. Simply put, Arianny Celeste is the sexiest MMA ring girl of all time. She’s a master-tweeter, she attends proms with nerdy fans, and she cooks in boots. What more could a man ask for?

Hot Superstar: Gina Carano is the very definition of “wife that.” MMA’s first female star has been crossing over to mainstream success in a big way, pulling in high-profile media attention and a lead role in the next Steven Soderbergh flick. With her thousand-watt smile, down-to-earth charm, and undeniable talent, she’s every MMA fan’s dream woman.

Honorable mentions — Marloes Coenen (MMA fighter), Michelle “The Karate Hottie” Waterson (MMA fighter, swimsuit model), Jenn Brown (Strikeforce/Showtime interviewer), Carina Damm (MMA fighter), Channa Champagne (video host & fight-predictor), LaTasha Marzolla (MMA fighter & former Playboy model), Keri Anne Taylor (Gilbert Melendez‘s hot kickboxer girlfriend), Kerry Vera (Brandon Vera‘s hot kickboxer wife)

Monday, 16 April 2012

Rd 4-Seni 2012

The league are back in the capital for Seasons 4 finals.
Its going to be a MMA weekender.

Saturday 2nd June- Rd 4 finals, with Amateur bouts available only.

Sunday 3rd June- MMA national open comp, with Amateur & Semi-pro bouts available.

Book early

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

UK MMA League

Season 4 Rd 3 in Leicester should be one of the busiest rd for the league. The league have dropped MA Action due to other commitments. and now have Chimp media recording the action in Leicester.
Sensei 2012 is also hotting up, and with many mma stars booked, eyes will be on the league to delivery